Hugh Gaskins & the G String Daddies

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HUGH GASKINS - Acoustic, Electric and Slide Guitar, Vocals and Harmonica

- Bass Guitar and Percussion

- Drums and Percussion
We call it "Blues Fusion" - a melding of various blues styles with rockabilly, rock, country and an exploration of the spaces in between. The G String Daddies are high energy, driving and dynamic - Hugh leaves it all on the stage every night with his gutty vocals, blistering leads and searing slide guitar...


...a mean and gritty American roots band.  With its signature and searing slide guitar attack, Gaskins and the Daddies will kidnap you for the set, and won’t let you go until they have rocked you, socked you and left you beggin’ for more. Hugh is Cash, Carl Perkins, George Thorogood on eight cans of Monster Energy!!!


...Gaskins has the hard egg sound of a musician who has been boiling in the life of a working man. That is because he has. This edge, combined with the talents of the G String Daddies: Charlie Gordon on bass and Dan Renwick on drums, makes for quite the whiskey roller coaster ride. This is blues fusion with a Bob Seger-esque rock ethic.

-Reviewer Magazine

These boys can rock... a solid band of musicians who, as kids, probably scared their neighbors when practicing in their families' garages and have played every smoke-filled joint in this town... if you really listen, you'll hear the ghosts of Presley, Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Cash at Sun Records and the countless, faceless others who sang their hearts out in southern jukes and Chicago blues joints...

-San Diego Troubadour
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