Rockabilly, Blues & Old School Rock! Hugh Gaskins and the G-String Daddies

“Workin’ At The Booby Trap” – San Diego Troubadour

The artwork on blues rockers Hugh Gaskins and the G String Daddies’ new disc makes mention of their dual affection for both the article of apparel and the fat, unwound third treble string on a blues guitar. In a pentatonic “box” scale, a hard-working blues rocker will probably hit, bend, slide, and shake G the…
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“Hugh Gaskins and the G String Daddies: San Diego’s Best Unknown Rock/Blues, Neo Punk/Rockabilly Band” – San Diego Troubadour

It seems that time has flown since I reviewed and raved about Hugh Gaskins and the G String Daddies’ CDs for the San Diego Troubadour. Although I thoroughly enjoyed their CDs, I had the mistaken opinion that these musicians just played a “guys-only” misogynistic music. After many emails between Hugh and myself, it became clear…
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“Hugh Gaskins & The G String Daddies Rock The House” – Reviewer Magazine

Fusion. It’s that inescapable moment when two objects are brought together and their inherent energy is released with an explosive reaction. Hugh Gaskins and the G String Daddies have managed to find that in music. Somewhere between the sad guitar licks of the 1950’s bluesman, the energy of the greats likes Rye Cooter, and the…
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“Big Legged Woman”- San Diego Troubadour

WARNING: This CD contains vast amounts of juvenile testosterone and numerous misogynistic dreams. Once again Hugh Gaskins and his renamed band, the G String Daddies, have produced Big Legged Woman, a throbbing, pulsating, middle-aged blues/rockabilly CD of missed opportunities, sexual innuendo, and horny dreams. The song titles reek of lusty fantasies and missed opportunities. These…
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“Big Legged Woman” – Reviewer Magazine

Hugh Gaskins has the hard egg sound of a musician who has been boiling in the life of a working man. That is because he has. This edge, combined with the talents of the G String Daddies: Charlie Gordon on bass, Dan Renwick on drums, and Steve Piccus on harmonica makes for quite the whiskey…
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