“Big Legged Woman”- San Diego Troubadour

Rockabilly, Blues & Old School Rock! Hugh Gaskins and the G-String Daddies

“Big Legged Woman”- San Diego Troubadour

WARNING: This CD contains vast amounts of juvenile testosterone and numerous misogynistic dreams.

Once again Hugh Gaskins and his renamed band, the G String Daddies, have produced Big Legged Woman, a throbbing, pulsating, middle-aged blues/rockabilly CD of missed opportunities, sexual innuendo, and horny dreams. The song titles reek of lusty fantasies and missed opportunities. These boys can rock, play blues, and tweak hillbilly sounds with hints of Marty Robbins as they revisit old chestnuts like Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues," June Carter Cash's "Ring of Fire," and Frankie Laine's hit, "Ghost Riders in the Sky." Just reading the back of the CD tells you what you're in store for: "boys-will-be-boys" lyrics in a hormone-driven send-up of male egos complete with guitars and a backbeat. Titles like "G-String Blues," "Big Legged Woman," "Prelude to Panties," and "Panties on the Dashboard" make this CD read like a copywriter gone rock at Victoria's Secret.

Deep down in the musical core of this male fantasy-driven CD, you'll find a solid band of musicians who, as kids, probably scared their neighbors when practicing in their families' garages and have played every smoke-filled joint in this town. Gaskins and the G String Daddies have clearly scoped out the territory and tasted all the fantasies they've sung about on this in-your-face recording. There are no illusions here, maybe a delusion or two, with hints of knowing the game, which is mostly bravado driven by Viagra chemistry. This is a nonstop tribute to the first reasons these G String Daddies plugged in, got it on, banged the drums, and lusted for the rock ‘n' roll lifestyle.

Gaskins' musical heartbeat shows up in the rhythm part of all the songs on this CD, which sounds like it could have come right out of the 1950s. If you really listen, you'll hear the ghosts of Presley, Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Cash at Sun Records and the countless, faceless others who sang their hearts out in southern jukes and Chicago blues joints.

Big Legged Woman is another of Gaskins' CDs, full of dreams fed by late night car rides into your fantasies – where you bounced along in your father's 1956, top down, love machine, two-door Chevy, going to lover's lane submarine races, fueled by girl lust and dreamy nights that had you wishing for more. The National Organization of Women won't be putting this CD on their musical Hit Parade, but they may find it hard to resist tapping their toes once or twice. This solid, up front, tongue-in-cheek disc revisits what rock ‘n' roll was invented for – namely good times, macho boasting, chasing girls, driving your parents bonkers, and being a star in your own fantasy garage band.